Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freebies for Friends and Butterfly Cake Poppers Design a Logo Giveaway (ended)

One of the members started a new business called Butterfly Cake Poppers and she doesn't have a logo. As you know with any business a logo is extremely important. For most of us its not really the name that catches our eyes its the logo.  If its eye catching we are gonna remember it.

She asked me for help last night creating one and I really am not artisy so since I have so many fans who are extremely talented She asked if I would sponser a giveaway allowing one of you many talented members to come up with a logo for her.

This is her current Logo. They look yummy but...............Not a logo that pops out at ya! Nor is it a logo you would like to put on boxes and mailings.

Do you have to be a Graphic Artist or Designer to enter? NO! Anyone can enter you can use a graphic, print or  picture program to design a logo. All you have to have is an imagination and creativity.

The winner of the best logo submitted will win  4 dozen cake poppers in 2 shipments (so they are fresh)  The winner can  choose the type of cake, icing, and whether they want milk, dark, or white chocolate! Valued at $100

CONGRATULATIONS Cori Burke Winner of the Butterfly Cake Poppers Logo design

Here is the winning Design submitted by Cori

and Congratulations Butterfly Cake Poppers on your new Logo!!!


  1. Can we request that our submission NOT be published on your site? As a professional designer, I am considering participating in this contest, but would prefer to retain the rights to my work unless/until I have won the contest and rights are transferred to Butterfly Cake Poppers. Work posted on your site without my copyright puts me at risk of infringement.

  2. Let these deliteful butterfly poppers flutter in you're mouth & bring you joy.