Friday, August 19, 2011

How to enter the Freebies Giveaways (Step by Step Instructions)

I thought I would do a visual for everyone on how to enter the giveaways when I use the application Rafflecopter.  (this is the one I have on my facebook page and is stored under the tab "Freebies Giveaways" Sometimes I also post this on my web page as well.

Ok first thing you will do is either click on the link when I post it or go directly to the tab on Freebies for Friends page

The following may or may not come up on your screen. It does mine all the time no matter how many times I go into my settings on Facebook and change it. If your like me and you get it simply click "Show All Content" (I usually have to do this several times)

Next Item will be the form and it will look like this:

The first box you will see where you have to LIKE the sponsor on Facebook

Simply click on CLICK HERE

This will appear:

Because I have already liked the sponsors page my little LIKE box is already grey'd out if yours is not then click LIKE  then click on Green box "I DID THIS"

next the following box will appear:

 As you can see I typed in my name and email address

Then click on the green box "Enter Giveaway"

Since I have more than 1 sponsor on this giveaway ( some times I will only have 1) do the same as step one for the next one. In this case its

The next 2 steps is where I think it gets confusing for everyone. (Rafflecopter the application thier developers are working to make this step simplier and easier for everyone Hopefully it will be out soon)


the first thing you need to do is click on "Click for Instructions which I have already done in the photo once you have read the info click on I DID THIS the following will appear :

I have entered my name and Email like I did in the steps above

However this time in the box titled Extra Info? I have entered my complete mailing info. Becareful not to click enter to put each on its own line it should be on the same line

Once you have entered your mailing info click on the Green box marked ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

Finally this is what you should see. Notice next to each box it says DONE?

You have completed all the steps required to enter the giveaway (it only seems like alot of steps however I have tried to break it down with as many photo's as I could to help.

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