Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mommasbows Review

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Mommasbows recently sent me 2 bows to review.
Mommasbows Review
Aren’t they adorable?
Now anytime I get a hair bow to review I turn to my Official Hair Bow Reviewer My Granddaughter Maiya. Mayia is 16 months old and like any little princess she can and does put a hair bow to the test. So I mailed the hair bows to Mayia (since I moved I am now 3 hours away) Her favorite past time is dress up  she’s a little Diva LOL She had her mommy put them in her hair and then she proceeded an hour later to pull them out and want them back in repeating the process all day and  all week long!
How well did they hold up to the Official Hair Bow reviewer? Fantastic!!! Its been over a week she’s had them and they still look great a little dirty and a little sticky LOL but she loves them.
Mommasbows has tons of fantastic items on her Facebook page besides the bows .Here are a few of my favorite things.
Mommasbows Review    Mommasbows Review Mommasbows Review
No, you can’t have the beautiful baby but isn’t that dress adorable? I spent hours on her page checking all the neat things she has on there. I also discovered she does custom orders  and reading the reviews her members gave her every item she produces has been fantastic all were very pleased and happy! So go check out Mommasbows on Facebook.  You will be glad you did.
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