Thursday, November 10, 2016

Quilted Monkey Mat Review

Have you heard of the Quilted Monkey Mat? No? Let me tell you a little about it then.

The *NEW* Quilted Monkey Mat is your cushy, portable mat for in/outdoor use that can go everywhere! Luxurious yet affordable and with lots of fun features, you can enjoy the waterproof base, central loops for attaching items, spill resistant top, weighted corners, loops for stakes, and the attached ultra-compact pouch to take everywhere!  Perfect for park, beach, dirty floors, concerts, picnics, sporting events, camping, and more. No more bulky blankets! So go ahead - Make your space, any place!

Let me start  off this review by telling you I let my daughter take this product to review since she had organized a play date with several of her friends and their children. What's the best way to try a product out then make sure it was kid tested right? They went to a popular area for picnic's that has swings and a duck pond. Great place for kids. * My daughter took tons of pictures for the review but her phone accidently fell into the duck pond :(

When we arrived at the park I took the Quilted Monkey Mat out of its carrying case and laid it on the ground The mat is a generous 5 foot by 5 foot which seats 4 adults comfortable. We also had 2 babies and there was plenty of room. On the four corners of the mat are small loops that you can stake the mat to the ground for when it's windy, it wasn't windy the day that we went but we had little ones and so we decided to stake it down pushing the plastic stakes (sold separately) all the way in the ground so no one got hurt. The quilted top is spill resistant we had a couple of accidents and it wiped right up.

screenshot_13When you are finished with the mat you can fold it up to a 10" x 10" x 2 carrying case so  it fits just about everywhere. The car, the stroller, backpack it even has carrying straps so you could carry it.


I asked my friends what they thought of the Quilted Monkey Mat and they all loved it. They also suggested the mat could be used at ballgames, placed on bleachers to help with the tushy, on picnic tables when at functions so the kids can be seated up higher to see, the beach pretty much anywhere that you don't want to sit on the ground and I wish that my phone had not dropped into the pond because I've had some wonderful pictures to show you how great this product really is and how much we enjoyed it.

My friends and I give this 2 thumbs up as a great product!

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