Monday, December 12, 2016

Ozeri Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker Review

I received this complementary product for testing purposes. The decision to leave a review is completely my own, as are any opinions expressed throughout, all of which are honest and unbiased and have in no way been influenced by Amazon or any third parties.

Ozeri Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker Review

My family loves popcorn. Every day someone is popping a bag to munch on. But lately, there has been a lot of news concerning microwave popcorn. They are claiming it's not very healthy. I don't know if that's true or not but because I am trying to eat healthier and popcorn air popped has about 31 calories per cup compared to well since I buy the double butter popcorn we won't go there LOL! I decided we should give an air popcorn maker a try.  Besides, there are tons of toppings that you can put on plain popcorn, parmesan cheese, cinnamon and sugar, toffee, and so much more and adding your own toppings you can also control the calories and fat.

So let me tell you about the  Ozeri Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker  The machine works with regular and gourmet popcorn types. Which works great for me my local farmer grows a blue popcorn which I buy from him I think it's better than store brand but then again I like to buy locally if I can. But back to the  Popcorn Maker, It comes with own  1/3 cup measuring cup that once you measure the popcorn it sits on top of the clear chute acts as a container to melt butter.

I had my little helper video for me (lol she's 6 ) (please excuse the mess my kitchen is in the process of being remodeled) as you can see the   Ozeri Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker works great!

Overall we liked the product however we only had a couple of things we wish were different
#1 with only 1/3 cup measure it only pops about 8 cups of popcorn at one time and that's not really a downfall because we added our toppings to one bowl while waiting for the other bowl to pop and it pops fast so we didn't have to wait long.
#2 the lid is not attached it just sits on top. I did speak to their representative and that is being corrected. This product is perfect for a student in the dorm!

Ozeri Movie Time 26 Cup Healthy Popcorn Maker  visit their page on Amazon.

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