Sunday, December 4, 2016

Package From Santa Review

Package From Santa Review

I received the below mentioned complimentary product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Do you have a little one that loves Santa? Then you will love the Package from Santa. There are 3 packages to choose from the Gold, Silver, and Paltimun. Each of the packages are a little different but they all include a personalized letter to your child from Santa. For the review, I was sent the Package from Santa Silver which contained the following:

  • Personalized Nice List Certificate

  • 8 1/2 X 11 Autographed Santa Claus Photo

  • Autographed Rudolph Photo

  • Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label

  • Special Elf Shipping Label Addressed To Your Child

  • Genuine North Pole Stamp

  • BONUS! Personalized Call from Santa

  • BONUS! Personalized Santa Video!

Every day after school my granddaughter Maiya who is 6 years old checks the mailbox hoping to find a package (She loves getting the freebies) Imagine her surprise when she received the Package from Santa with her name on it. Before I could grab my phone and get a picture she had it opened and was full of "oh! awww!  love it! How cute!"

(This is the envelope she received in the mail. I removed her name and address of course)

The first thing she saw was the letter from Santa and she was able to read most of it but at 6 she still needed a little help. The letter from Santa is fully personalized by you. They have many different letters to choose from or you can write your own. I chose one already written and I just had to tweet it a little by adding some personal information about her. As soon as she got to the part about her best friend her eyes lit up and she was so excited "Grandma, how did Santa know Erika's name?" then he knew her favorite food and other things!  I love the gold seal is a great finishing touch!

Next, she found the autographed Santa Claus and Rudolph photos and if you have a little girl you can imagine the squeal she let out over those! Rudolph's even has a hoof print!

Next, she found the one thing every child wants to know if they are are the Nice or Naughty List. As you can see Maiya made the Nice List which is signed by Santa, Rudolph, and the Chief Elf Benard. This one we had to go and get a frame for so she could hang it up for everyone to see.

Each package also comes with a FREE Phone call and video from Santa!! How cool  is that? Save 25% w/ coupon code FAM2016

I asked Maiya what she thought of the Package from Santa and she said " I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Santa for sending it!!"  There you have it it's definitely kid approved and the smile on her face in this grandma's opinion Priceless!

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