Monday, December 5, 2016

Secret Diary For Girls With Passcode Lock And Invisible Ink Pen Review

When I was a girl like most teenagers I kept a diary. Anytime something exciting happened I would rush home to write in down. I loved my diary. Best friends are great don't get me wrong but a diary you could tell it anything and you were guaranteed it wouldn't get mad at you and tell all your secrets. Thank heavens my best friend would never do that but let's face it we all knew someone who it happened to. Right?

The only problem I had was my little brother who kept trying to find it but I was always one step ahead of him when it came to hiding it. So I would have loved a Secret Diary that had a Passcode Lock. Back when I was growing up we only had the diaries with the little lock and if you used a bobby pin the lock popped right open. LOL

With the Secret Diary For Girls With Passcode Lock And Invisible Ink Pen they are able to enter a passcode to unlock the diary and with the invisible ink they can write and write and even if someone guessed the passcode they need a black light that is located on top of the pin to read what was written. How cool is that? Where were these when I was growing up huh?

The diary comes with stickers so you can personalize it. I love the Paris diva design There are plenty of blank pages that can be filled with tons of memories and dreams.

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