Monday, January 16, 2017

The Scrape-A-Round Ice Scraper Review

Scrape A Round Ice Scraper Review

Have you seen the Scrape A Round? Take a look at the video and watch how easy this ice scraper works!

I was sent a set of 2 traditional  Scrape-A-Round scrapers and one "Green" Round 2 scraper before Christmas, unfortunately, the weather here did not give me the chance to be able to use the scrapers on my vehicle.

Normally we would have already had snow that stayed for a few days so it would have melted on the windshields or been really cold for thick frost. No thick frost but it did snow and before it could melt and cause ice on the windshield the rain came and washed it away.  I got lucky I did get an opportunity to use the scraper just not on my car. Let me explain.... early on a school morning, I opened the front door to discover one of the kids did not close the storm door all the way so the inside glass was frosted over. Grrr.... I needed to be able to see out to watch for my son's bus which it just so happened to be a morning we were running late and I didn't have time to waste with the tiny old credit card I keep by the door in case it ever frosted up (yeah the kids have done it before don't they all? lol) so I grabbed the traditional Scrape A Round that I had placed by the door to take out to the car if we ever got frost and wow the frost on the window was cleared in no time. Like less than a second, it was so fast!   I loved the way it fit in your hand comfortably allowing you to have the power to cut through the frost and ice easily.  This is a great product!

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