Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Home Made Chicken Stock

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Home Made Chicken Stock
If you have never made home-made chicken stock it is so easy you will wonder why you have been buying it. At my house we eat a lot of chicken. When I roast or Rotisserie it I always clean the meat off the bones and use the bones and skin to make my homemade stock. Some like to just add the skin and bones to the water and make broth that way however I like to brown my bones which will give my broth some color and to me more flavor.
* You can also use the turkey bones and make turkey broth
Home Made Chicken Stock
Home Made Chicken Stock
  • Bones and Skin from 1 whole chicken
  1. Put the leftover bones and skin from a chicken carcass into a large stock pot with a little olive oil or vegetable oil and brown, Once the bones are nicely browned cover with cold water. Add ½ cup of celery, onion, carrots, parsley of you like I normally don't unless I am making chicken and dumplings with the stock and I want the veggie flavor without the veggies (if my kids see them they wont eat them lol) . Add salt and pepper, about a teaspoon of salt, ¼ tsp of pepper.
  2. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce heat to bring the stock to barely a simmer. Simmer uncovered at least 1-2 hours, occassionally skimming off the foam that comes to the surface.
  3. Remove the bones and strain the stock.

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