Sunday, April 2, 2017

Green Tomato Jelly

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tomato jelly 2

Let me start off by saying I despise green tomatoes I don’t like them fried or pickled, They are nasty, HOWEVER a friend of mine called me the other night and said ” We are supposed to have a frost tonight, you better go pick all your green tomatoes, no sense wasting them” I hate wasting anything so, I asked her if she wanted them and she said she would come and get them. Well I picked them and I had 2 huge bowls. When she came over she brought some Jello and Sure Jell and set off showing me how to make Green Tomato Jelly.
OH MY GOSH! This is delicious. You can use what ever jello you want and the jelly will take on that flavor. I used raspberry.Trust me. try this recipe and you will love it. The only thing I would change about the recipe is I would cut the sugar down to about 3 cups its was very sweet.
Green Tomato Jelly
This does not look or taste like green tomatoes I used raspberry jello but you can use any flavor you want and the jelly will taste like the flavor of the jello you used. This is a great way to use up all those green tomatoes before the frost hits them.
Recipe type: Jams/Jelly
  • 5 c. ground green tomatoes
  • 4 c. sugar
  • 1 lg. pkg.Jello
  • 1 pkg. Sure-Jell
  1. Chop up the tomatoes and simmer until soften adding a small amount of water if needed. Once soft put in a blender and grind. I used a fine mesh strainer and let it drain for a few minutes. Then I measured out 5 cups of ground tomato if needed add a little liquid from the stained tomatoes to make 5 cups. Boil green tomatoes and sugar for 3-4 minutes; add Sure-Jell and Jello. Boil, then simmer until it sheets off spoon. Put in sterile jars - jelly glasses. process for 5-10 minutes. Makes 12 small jelly jars.

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