Thursday, June 22, 2017

Home Chef Review

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock I am sure you have seen all the meal delivery companies popping up all over social media. Seems I see a new one every day! For me, it was becoming overwhelming I wanted to try one but they all looked pretty much the same.They send fresh food to your door with cooking instructions. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering how fresh can the stuff be after all it's mailed out to you. Right? Would it save me money? And how was the taste?

Well, little did I know I would soon find out when I was recently given the opportunity to review 2 meals from Home Chef. I can't tell you how excited I was. All my questions were about to be answered. 

If you haven't heard about them let me tell you a little bit about Home Chef. Home Chef delivers perfectly portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes directly to your door, so whether you're an amateur cook, or more seasoned in the kitchen, cooking with Home Chef is easy and enjoyable.

Each week, you can use the personalized recipe recommendations they provide you. Or, you can pick from 11 fresh, chef-designed dinners, priced at $9.95 per serving. They change their menu weekly to give you countless new dinner options.

The first thing I did was I set up an account and used the code they provided me for 2 free meals. There were lots of yummy looking meals I had to choose from but I finally narrowed it down to the Farmhouse Fried Chicken with green onion gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn and the Healthy Takeout Mongolian Beef with roasted Chinese broccoli.

Next, I chose what day I wanted it delivered. On Tuesday my doorbell rings and it's Fed Ex with my box of food. Right, on time!  Well, let's get this opened and see how fresh this stuff is.

Everything was completely cold! The box was very insulated. So far so good! Let's unpack it and see what we have shall we?
 Everything that was needed for the Healthy Takeout Mongolian Beef (I did have to provide some olive oil, salt, and pepper, a baking sheet, a small pot and a med non-stick pan) Everything was super fresh including the meat.

Above is everything needed for the Farmhouse Fried Chicken. In case you're wondering what's in the bottles they are filled with Canola Oil and Egg Whites. (I had to provide some olive oil and a pot and pan)

They even send you a recipe binder with large easy to read recipe cards for the meals you have chosen to start filling up your binder. 

Another nice thing is all the material including the box in came in the packing material ice bags, storage bags, containers that the food came in is all reusable or recyclable except the bags for the meat which I would just toss.

The recipes are extremely easy to follow even if you have never cooked a meal in your life. And if you have been cooking for more years than you can count like me you may just pick up a few tips that you never knew. I did!  So how did my meals turn out? Well scroll down and take a look!

And let me tell you it tasted sooooooooooooo good!! It's a definite recipe keeper!

I would never have thought to make green onion gravy but let me tell you it was delicious!!! The whole meal was so good!

How were the portions you ask? I thought they were very large. I served my daughter and I and there was enough leftovers of both meals for her to take for her lunch at work the next day! (both of us cut our chicken pieces in half too much for us) 

If you're interested in trying the Home Chef CLICK HERE Use the promo code "FAMILY" to try out Home Chef for $30 off!

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