Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY Login and Password Storage Keeper

 DIY Login and Password Storage Keeper

I can't live without mine.

How do you keep track of all you logins and passwords? Do you have sticky notes every where? I used to until I discovered a much better and easier way to keep everything in 1 place and easy to find.

I have so many accounts I have to login into like Facebook, banking, cable, utilities, swag bucks and the list goes on. I used to keep all my passwords the same just so I could remember it. But I learned you should never do that if someone hacks into one of your accounts then they will have the password to hack into all your accounts.

So how do you do to keep all those logins straight? I can't tell you how many times I forgot my passwords and had to ask for resets. Well, I found a great way to keep all of the logins and passwords in one place. I use a telephone & address book as shown below. I found mine at the Dollar General for around a $1.00 but I am sure you can find them pretty much anywhere.
telephone book cover

As you can see below it has plenty of room for Name, Address and ect BUT the most important thing I wanted was the ease to find the logins quickly after all if it's a LIVE giveaway I want to be able to find my login and password as fast as I can to get that freebie. As you can see it has tabs on the right hand side which make it super easy to find any account I have.   telephone inside cover

In the space for Name I write in the account name ie: Facebook (under the F tab) in the address I write in my login name on the second address line I write in with a pencil my password (I use a pencil for the password because it is recommended a password is changed often. Using a pencil I can easily erase and write a new one.  Now if I forget my Facebook account I tab to F and there it is. I love mine and if you decide to make one I hope you will too.

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