Thursday, December 21, 2017

FREE Gardenlink Plant Food

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CLICK HERE to request a FREE Gardenlink Plant Food. Scroll down to section #2 FREE SAMPLE REQUEST fill out the information and then pick from the following

  • AgSafe African Violet-Mist™ Soluble Plant Plant Food
  • AgSafe Cactus-Mist™ Soluble Plant Food
  • AgSafe Cactus-Mist™ Bloom Soluble Plant Food
  • AgSafe Orchid-Mist™ Urea Free Soluble Plant Food
  • AgSafe Orchid-Mist™ Bloom Soluble Plant Food
  • AgSafe Houseplant-Pearls™ Once-A-Year Plant Food
  • AgSafe Pond-Pearls™ Once-A-Year Plant Food

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