Friday, May 22, 2020

FREE USPS Informed Delivery

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Now you can get detailed images of your incoming mail for FREE

Participate in this new USPS service enhancement test and get images of the mail that will be placed in your mailbox each day. Black and white images of your actual letter-sized mail pieces, processed by USPS® sorting equipment, will be provided to you each morning. Flat-sized pieces, such as catalogs or magazines, may be added in the future. Participation is limited to certain ZIP Codes at this time.

To sign up go to post office website.

I signed up for this a while back and an example yesterday I received my morning email from USPS. According to the email, I was only getting 2 pieces of mail but I actually got 4  two of them were magazines which they don't scan. It's nice to be able to see what you're getting in the mail before the postal carrier delivers it. Mine usually comes sometime between 2:30-5:30 and he never knocks on my door for a package. So to know that a box is coming is great!

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