New Members

New Members
For members who are new to Freebies for Friends here are some tips to help you get the most from our page.
First off let me make it very clear I DO NOT send out the freebies, samples or 99.9% of the time the gifts won in my giveaways. The companies or my sponsors do. I simply find the freebies, coupons, deals and samples so that you do not have to search for hours or days I ensure to the best of my ability that they are legit and you will not get spammed.
#1 If you are new to freebies create a new email address to be used strictly for free samples, This way you will not clog up your personal one.
#2. If you see a freebie that you are interested in click on the link, It will take you to their page where you will have to fill out a form. Name, address and etc however if you do not want to give out your phone number  I simply use my area code and 555-5555.( I do not recommend doing this for sweepstakes that you enter the business will need to contact you to claim your prize) however for freebies and samples, this will work.
DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION THAT YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE GIVING OUT. If you have to give them that kind of information then the Freebie is just not worth it.* Please note* Some of the tobacco and Alcohol companies are asking for usually the last 4 of your social security or your driver’s License number to verify your age. This is strictly up to you if you feel comfortable giving that out.
#3. Please be careful of spam sites. They are getting harder and harder to spot but a good rule of thumb is if they want you to participate in other offers AVOID.
#4. There are other freebie sites that offer you wonderful things (Free IPods, Free computers, Free Cell Phones) remember if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.
Some sites will do a giveaway for their members please read the giveaway and make sure what they are offering is legit and that you trust the site. There are many wonderful sites not only on FB but the web that will host giveaways for their members.
#5. Please allow anywhere from 3-8 weeks for your freebies to arrive in your mailbox. Some will take longer. Usually, the site you got the freebie from will tell you when to expect it.

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