Join The Perdue Crew

Join The Perdue Crew

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 Through December 30thThe Perdue Crew will be giving away PERDUE®-branded American Express® Reward Cards AND exclusive PERDUE® calendars! Just head on over and sign in with your Twitter or Facebook.

Once you’ve signed up, you can submit and share cool recipes and content with your friends and earn points. Hurry, the prizes are only available while supplies last!
Ways to Win
1.       The first 500 members to earn 10,000 points will win an exclusive PERDUE®-branded Calendar
2.       The top three (3) idea submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
3.       The top three (3) recipes submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
4.       The top three (3) Instagram submissions will win a $25.00 PERDUE® Reward Card
5.       NEW REWARD!! The top recruiter will win a $100 PERDUE® Reward Card
Ways to Earn
1.       Every approved Instagram photo you upload using the #perduechickenpromotion hashtag earns you 500 points
2.       For every friend you get to join, you’ll score 1,500 points
3.       Create and share your favorite recipes for 500 points
4.       Score 500 points for each additional network you connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
5.       Much More

FREE Alaska Travel Guide

FREE Alaska Travel Guide

FREE Alaska Travel Guide

Alaska is full of wonders. But it would take a lifetime to explore them all!  CLICK HERE to request a FREE Alaska Travel Guide. This guide has beautiful pictures that will just amaze you with how beautiful the last frontier really is.

If you have never been to Alaska put it on your bucket list of places to visit. I lived there for 4 years and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is so much in this beautiful state to see and do and no it.s not cold all year round in the summer some places can very warm reaching in the 90’s some days


FREE Sample of Emergen-C

emergenc c

FREE Sample of Emergen-C

CLICK HERE to request a FREE sample of Emergen-C .

If you requested this before it may not allow you to request another unless you use a new email address This is good for the US only.

If its been a while since you requested this try it again I was able to score another one.

FREE Watch Magazine Subscription

FREE 1 year Watch Magazine Subscription

watch magazine

CLICK HERE to request a  FREE 1 year Watch Magazine Subscription

*Please note:  Many of you are getting confused and think the magazine is no longer available when you see this in your browser when you click on the link for the free magazines. This simply means that these magazines are the extras that are not for paid subscriptions
If you are new to getting the FREE magazines with the company FreeBizMagazine. Here’s how to get the subscription FREE.

Simply click on any Industry,and continue with each box. It really doesn’t matter which answers you give them.

Next click continue The click SELECT next to the magazine you wanted which was FREE. scroll down and click CONTINUE a little box will pop up asking Are you sure you want to continue? You haven’t selected a FREE business publication with a choice of GO BACK or continue. Click Continue.

Next fill out your mailing info. Once you have finished click on Submit and Continue. Once it has submitted. CLOSE YOU BROWSER you request for the free magazine has been submitted and you will receive your issues soon.